Have you been overeating during the summer holidays, enjoying those cream teas in Cornwall?

With a new season ahead of us and the warmer days disappearing quickly, many of us are turning our thoughts to how we can shift those extra summer pounds, which so easily slipped onto our tummies and hips.

It turns out that our attempts will be doomed to failure, so says Tammy Parnell of Tara Hills Therapy Centre, “Diets simply don’t work. People are wasting their time and money on diets which simply make them hungry and even more depressed than they were in the first place”.

So, what can we do to fight the flab?

If you don’t address the underlying issues of why we eat so much, there is almost no chance of long lasting weight loss.  You might lose a pound or two by denying yourself, but you’ll yo-yo and pile it all back on.” 

According to Tammy, the root causes of our greed is emotional, we eat with our feelings not our logical mind.  “When your feelings are in charge, there is almost nothing you can do to stop yourself, and the craving to go and eat cake or stuff yourself beyond full is irresistible.”  The secret to letting go of cravings is to address the underlying feelings, which Tammy does through hypnosis.

“We put people into a super relaxed state, and this helps them access subconscious beliefs that have been there since childhood.  We re-frame those beliefs and re-code their minds so that they are no longer controlled by cravings, and they can then make the choices that their bodies need to drop the pounds and become slimmer.”

One lady who has taken part in the the weight loss programme reported: “Since doing a hypnosis session with Tammy, I have now dropped a dress size, and I am losing both weight and inches. My joint pain has improved and I feel so much better, I am sleeping better and feeling more confident. I don’t feel like I want to be invisible any more, I’m getting so many compliments.” 

Tara Hills Therapy New Infiniti Courses.

Following successful 1-1 bespoke RTT™ weight loss sessions and a sold out 6 week weight loss programme. Tammy has created a new  weight loss course to kickstart your new weight loss journey which includes the exact same techniques from her 1-1 client sessions.

Hypnosis is a great way to reframe negative beliefs formed in childhood which have caused overeating and negative eating patterns. Tammy saw a real need for new weight loss programmes using RTT™, and the From Struggling to Slim weight loss programme is perfect for those who want to kick start a new weight loss journey with ever-lasting results.

from struggling to slim weight loss programme

From Struggling to Slim –

NEW Weight Loss Programme

Ideal for those who hate ‘diets’ and are ready to embark on a new weight loss journey. From as little as 7 days, I can change your attitude, reduce your cravings and empower a slimmer healthier you.

  • FREE Holistic Body Journal © – worth £25
  • SIX short video sessions to guide and encourage you
  • THREE hypnosis audios for weight loss.
  • Weekly email support.
  • 30 days access to your programme portal.
  • Lifetime access to my private support group.
  • Free 1-1 with Nutritionist and Personal Trainers
  • Exclusive offers for further weight loss support.
Stop Struggling and Start Slimming today.

Free 20 minute Deep Relaxation Audio

For anyone who needs to feel calmer and more relaxed during the day or to assist in
relaxation before you go to sleep.