I’ve been thinking a lot about this today, the concept of telling ourselves stories. You see, we do this ALL the time. We make up stories and tell them as if they are true.  I don’t mean the children’s bedtime stories, I mean the made up meanings and value judgements that we all put onto almost everything that we all do. 

So, for instance, if you are about to sit your driving test, you might say to people, “The theory test is really difficult.” And then it is difficult and you believe that what you said was empirically true.  When in fact the statement you made had a value judgement in it and you told your own brain that it would be ‘hard’. There is no particular reason why it would be ‘hard’ particularly if you have been studying for it and you know the answers to the questions. 

By putting into your space a value judgement like that, you are creating a story about it and what it will be like. It might be like that, or it might not, but the point is that you don’t actually know, until it happens. 

Look around and notice how much we all do this.  We label everything with a value judgement about it and then we move ourselves to make it be true. 

In terms of my clients, it might be someone telling themselves that they are not able to sleep, or that losing weight or taking up exercising is ‘hard’ or getting rid of their anxiety is not available to them.  Sometimes it’s the most powerful transformation just simply to understand that you are living your life according to stories that you tell yourself, rather than the reality of what is happening to you. 

Experiment with what a situation feels like when you describe it without the value judgements that you have attached to it.

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