Retrain your brain, lose weight and keep it off


You want to lose weight but you’re struggling and fed up with lack of results?

RTT quickly gets to the root of your weight loss issues and improves your quality of life. Whether it’s over eating, difficulty in maintaining weight, struggling with cravings or lack of motivation, RTT can definitely help.

If you are completely fed up with trying every ‘diet’ out there and not seeing the results you truly desire?

Then RTT is for you. 


I was initially a bit sceptical, as I had been overweight for a number of years and other things really hadn’t worked for me but I was willing to give it a go and see what happened. Since that session I have now dropped almost two stone, and I have transformed my attitude to food completely, and I’m no longer overeating the way I was. Even better, my belt is now too big, I’ve had to make extra holes in it and I am able to get into clothes that haven’t fit me for years. All this without feeling deprived or missing food, no strict diets, no fads or shakes and I can still enjoy red wine!

Andy R.

Following a full bespoke RTT session with Tammy, I already started losing weight and inches. I have now dropped down a dress size, feel better and more well. My  joint pain is improved and I am getting compliments,  people saying I look thinner. Cost wise, I am  spending more money on clothes I love and feel good in. I’m genuinely feeling more confident and encouraged that I don’t have to cover up any more. I look in the mirror now, and have stopped just buying things that hide my body, I don’t want to be invisible any more! I love walking the dog 2/3 times a day going the longer route now too!

Sarah E.

Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting and not seeing the results you truly want? Choose to take back control!

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Start eating better, feeling good and

losing weight 

from struggling to slim weight loss programme

From Struggling to Slim –

NEW Weight Loss Programme

Ideal for those who hate ‘diets’ and are ready to embark on a new weight loss journey. From as little as 7 days, I can change your attitude, reduce your cravings and empower a slimmer healthier you.

  • SIX short video sessions to guide and encourage you.
  • THREE hypnosis audios for weight loss.
  • Weekly email support.
  • 30 days access to your programme portal.
  • Lifetime access to my private support group.
  • Free 1-1 with Nutritionist.
  • Exclusive offers for further weight loss support.
Stop Struggling and Start Slimming today.

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