Insomnia and

Sleep Issues

Healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of
sleep per night!

What we love most is seeing incredible changes in people and the improvement we bring to their lives” 

Are you finding it hard to to sleep at night or you feel tired after restless sleep?


Do you find yourself waking up during the night or find it hard to return to sleep?

Is your relationship or work life suffering from a negative sleep pattern?

Are you feeling irritable, stressed, fatigued through the day and want to feel better?


how to sleep better

Sleep Better, Live Better

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The inability to get to sleep and stay asleep is a common problem for many people, you are not alone!

A lack of restful sleep increases feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.  Anger, worry and trauma are also felt more deeply when you have not slept well.

There are three main types of insomnia – acute, transient, and chronicWith restful sleep hypnotherapy you can find the relief that you have been looking for and achieve the freedom from insomnia that you need. 

I had never experienced hypnotherapy prior to seeing Tammy so I was really not sure what to expect.  Tammy made me feel very comfortable at outset and throughout the session.  I was seeing Tammy specifically for sleep management as I often found myself waking up during the night and then being unable to return to sleep.  I’m only a couple of weeks down the line but I have seen a considerable improvement in my sleep patterns with far less frequent waking up and being able to drift back off to sleep again much easier.  Having been a little sceptical at first but willing to try anything, I can happily say that the hypnotherapy appears to have worked and would highly recommend Tammy for anyone else in the same situation.

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