Money Blocks, Discovering Ambitions and
Professional Success

Money Blocks, Discovering Ambitions and Professional Success

Choose to take control today and improve your life.

What we love most is seeing incredible changes in people and the improvement we bring to their lives” 

Choose to take control today and improve your life.

What we love most is seeing incredible changes in people and the improvement we bring to their lives” 

Do you feel that wealth is unavailable to you or you’re unable to reach your goals?

Are you struggling to meet your professional targets or earn more money?

Is your motivation and focus dipping or you’re spending money as quick as you earn it?

Are you living the life you deserve? Discovered your true abilities and your real ambition?


What are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are when you’re limiting your belief about money preventing you from achieving your goals of acquiring wealth.

We are often not conscious of these blocks and where they come from.

RTT works to reveal the subconscious blocks you have surrounding your ability to accept money into your life so that you can create the lifestyle and the wealth that you want.

Discovering ambitions

Discovering your ambitions

Acknowledging your life purpose and what it is that you are passionate about is important in influencing your decisions and goals is essential for those who want to live the life they deserve.

Having a clear focus on what is important to you will drive you closer towards achieving it.

However, many people have subconscious blocks which stop them from following their dreams and ambitions, feeling that somehow this is not available for them.

I had never had hypnotherapy before and admit I was slightly nervous when starting my session with Tammy, but she instantly put me at ease and made me feel relaxed and willing the embrace the experience.  

The chat before brought up some realisations to me before we had even started the treatment, and once the treatment had commenced I was amazed at how my subconscious mind took over – I can only describe it as if I was slightly drunk and my speech was slurred and my brain had taken over all thoughts and actions I was experiencing at the time.  

Afterwards I felt incredible and had a surge of energy and instantly noticed that my outlook on everything became so much positive. I faced challenges with a different outlook, and the recording Tammy gave me has enforced these positive thoughts more and more each day.  

This has led to me having generally more energy, making decisions with ease and seeing the joy in life and work, which in turn has led to better financial and emotional wellbeing.  

I admit I was slightly skeptical about trying hypnotherapy for the first time, however my experience with working with Tammy means I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life. 

Serena Fordham - Founder & Managing Director HER Business Revolution

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