A recent study proved that there is a causal link between mental health and the diet that we eat. In particular the study was looking at the impact on our children and their mental health.  I wanted to share my expertise in agreement with how mental health is linked to the food we eat.

They found that it did make a difference, and the children were more productive, less depressed and happier because of the diet that they were eating.

I find it obvious that what you use to fuel your body will make a massive difference to your health (both physical and mental health). If its nutritious and healthy, wholefoods, as natural and unprocessed as possible, full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, protein and goodness, then your cells will be able to take these and create the best possible and best functioning body. If, instead, you mostly eat ultra-processed food, with vast amounts of sugar, chemicals, caffeine, sweeteners and salt and processed oils then you won’t be giving your body the fuel that it needs.  In many cases I would consider people to be malnourished as their bodies are craving the good nutrition they need.

What seems to confuse people is the way that we describe mental health, as if our minds and brain were not a part of our body.  We are all one system, mind and body.  It’s as important to look after our bodies, as it is to look after our minds, as it’s a constant communication between all parts of our body and at a cellular level. 

Perhaps because in some people’s lives it has become so normalised to feel tired, stressed, overweight, with cracked nails and poor skin, feeling anxious, depressed and lacking in that old fashioned word, vigour.  They have forgotten what it feels like to be energised, to feel optimistic and strong.  They use artificial stimulants such as caffeine and sugar to give themselves the energy they are lacking naturally.  As human beings we are incredibly bad at being able to see our own issues, our faults, the reasons why we are behaving in the way that we are.

And also I think its because although you might feel bloated or have some brain fog after eating a meal of junk food, the effect is slow and insidious, so you might not notice what is happening until its been happening a long time. 

We have an epidemic of Diabetes, we have an avalanche of mental illness, and we have a diet of ultra-processed rubbish food, where it is considered a ‘treat’ to get your kids a Mcdonalds or a sugar filled snack.  Despite this, we allow food manufacturers to keep formulating more and more ways to get us to buy their food, while they spend all their time figuring out how to make us more addicted to it, while they put less and less actual decent ingredients in, while still calling it ‘food’ 

We seriously have some collective work to do here, and the first is to stop ‘treating yourself’ with junk and get into the mindset of a ‘treat’ being something that your body (including your mind) will actually thank you for, as it craves proper food.

It sounds harsh, but we are responsible for our own behaviour and we can do things differently if we want to.  


Here is a helpful guide:


  • ‘Treat’ = something that your body actually wants and needs nutritionally – not junk food

  • Sugar = avoid as much as possible

  • Aspartame = banned in the US, used in fizzy drinks in the UK

  • Leftovers = to go in the bin – your body is not a bin

  • Ultra processed = if you can’t work out what the ingredients would be, if there are a very long list of ingredients, if you have never heard of some of the ingredients. 

Are you ready to feel more energised, less stressed and improve your general health and wellbeing?

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