Although it is well known that menopause CAN potentially cause weight gain, because of all the hormone changes that we women go through, it is really important to know that we have lots that we can do about it.  

Our bodies respond to what our minds tell it.  If you don’t believe me, just start imagining sucking a sour lemon and you’ll notice your mouth salivating in response.  Our thoughts control the physical reactions that our bodies have. Our beliefs control the emotions that we have and the actions that we take as a consequence.  We are one mind-body system all connected together. If you tell yourself that you will inevitably gain weight in menopause, your mind will think that this is what you want to happen, and it will make it happen.  Your mind does what it thinks you want it to.

In RTT we learn how we can take back control of our lives by re-framing our thoughts and effectively re-coding our brains, by making new connections in the brain.  If you constantly tell yourself that you will have menopause symptoms, if you have a belief that you will gain weight, and have hot flushes, mood swings and brain fog, you’ll find that these things come true for you.


A better way to avoid these is to consciously and regularly visualise yourself being slender, strong, fit, flexible and happy.  Sure, lots of other people experience symptoms, but YOU are the sort of person who will sail through with hardly any issues and you’ll almost not notice the changes.  Sure, it might feel like a lie, right now, but trust me, it doesn’t matter.  By telling yourself this and visualising yourself as super healthy and happy, and with a strong, slender physique, you will be training your mind to control your body and to make this the truth for you.  Your mind does what it thinks you want it to. 

Menopause might mean that you consider making adjustments, for example taking up yoga or pilates for strength and flexible joints, embracing meditation, cutting back on foods that you once could eat easily, cutting out gluten or sugar, cutting back alcohol and stopping smoking, eating more oily fish, nuts, healthy oils.  But once you begin to frame those choices as positive and helpful, to have the healthy body you want and to be free of symptoms, it becomes joyous and you can love how you live.  The most important aspect is to decide what you want and tell yourself every day that you want to be free of symptoms, fit, slender, strong and happy. 

It’s not inevitable that you’ll gain weight, your life choices are in your own control. 


? You may be struggling right now with weight gain during menopause

? You might be making the wrong food choices at the moment

? You know what you should be doing but you’re not doing it currently

? You’re feeling fed up, lacking confidence or motivation in the present moment


Change starts in the mind. It’s time to take control of The Menopause.


? I can give you the tools you need to lose weight and hit your goals

? I can change your attitude, your cravings & your habits

? I can improve your wellbeing with transformational therapy

? I can help you cope better with your menopause symptoms

? I can help you build your confidence, increase your motivation and focus

I can help at whatever stage you’re at;

Perimenopause, Menopause and Postmenopause.

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