There is an aspect of health and wellness that many people don’t talk about, you’ll rarely hear anything about this in the diet magazines or online slimming clubs, or mentioned by the overly enthusiastic personal fitness trainers who are constantly jumping about or stretching into unfeasible yoga positions online. 

It’s the link between trauma and obesity, which affects a number of people, sometimes consciously, but mostly unconsciously.  It’s the reason why you can start as many diets or fitness campaigns as you like but they are never going to succeed long term if you are holding onto your weight for this underlying reason.  And, frustratingly, if you are one of these people, you probably don’t realise that you are doing it.  You’ll just find that you are yo-yo’ing, and self-sabotaging your progress, or just nothing will work for you, where it might for people around you. You might feel pretty low and that nothing will work for you, and this can cause a spiral of feeling depressed and not wanting to go out. Sometimes as well as over eating it leads to also drinking or taking drugs, and other self-harming behaviour because you’re feeling so rubbish about yourself.

For some people, gaining weight, or getting bigger serves a useful purpose for them, or it did when they were young. Their minds have formed a belief that being bigger is a good thing, and being bigger will protect them and keep them safe.There are different ways that anxiety can show itself in the body, whether it be a racing heart, sweating or breathing rapidly. Social anxiety is usually where you are anticipating feeling afraid or anxious, and you get the symptoms of anxiety while you are simply anticipating the situation, not actually even experiencing it and this would make you avoid a social situation. Usually it’s a persistent fear, not just related to one situation, but lasting over many months or longer. 

That belief was a helpful and useful belief when they were young, but as an adult it is a belief that is now causing problems, creating illness and lack of energy and all sorts of other things that are just now helpful.

In hypnosis we can discover if your mind has an unwanted belief like this, and we reframe it together so that you so longer feel that you need to protect yourself and you feel safe and loved.  When the perceived reason for your body holding onto the weight drops away, so does the weight. Easily and effortlessly.  

Book in for a free discovery call to find out more and to book a bespoke 1-2-1 session to unlock the beliefs that you no-longer need and take the steps towards having the healthy, happy, beautiful body and mind that you always wanted.

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