There are times in all our lives when we look in the mirror and can’t believe that the image is us, wrinkled, haggard, fat or thin.  As the years go by this happens plenty, although in my case I was more unhappy at a younger age and more self critical of my appearance.  As I age, I find that it matters less and less what other people think of me and I am more likely to laugh at the comedy of my aging body. 

Still, the same things apply whether old or young, rather than trying to change yourself to fit into some sort of idealised image of what is acceptable to other people – a better and more sustainable practice is to learn to love how you look.  And your granny was right, real beauty is on the inside.  If you are really struggling to even like how you look, let alone to love how you look here is a quick guide. 

1. Start a gratitude diary.  Each day write down one thing that you are grateful for to do with your body.  So for instance, I am grateful that my legs work, I am pain-free and able to walk wherever I want.  As you build up the days, look back and give thanks for the parts of you that you rely on and
work perfectly for you.

2. Take on a new hobby which involves some physical movement, like yoga, or belly dance or a walking club, gardening perhaps, and notice how you feel, using your body for something that is fun and enjoyable, and positive. 

3. Begin to take steps to help other people, perhaps carry out a random act of kindness or give an unexpected gift to someone for no reason.  Instead of focusing inward, looking at yourself and criticising yourself, turn your eyes outward and find someone in need that you can help.

4. When you talk to yourself , make it positive self- talk.  We often aim our harshest words at ourselves.  For one day just give yourself positive talk only and see what difference it makes. “You are amazing”. “You are beautiful”. “You are enough”.  “You are loveable just as you are”.

You don’t have to believe the words, simply saying them begins to shift your neural connections and you will begin to accept them and let them in. 

It’s about recognising that your physical appearance is not the main important thing that your body is doing for you. And it’s not even what other people look at, they are looking at you to see your inner essence, your soul, your energy and when they find it and it matches theirs, it is incredibly attractive to them. Nothing at all to do with what you look like

You are loveable exactly as you are.

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