Christmas is a time for family and feasting, a celebration of time together with loved ones, or remembering those we love and wish we could spend time with. Christmas pudding, mulled wine, mince pies, it’s all designed to be indulgent and warming, and it totally suits this time of year with it’s long dark nights and short, sometimes grey damp days.  If you like to indulge over this period, you are not alone and it is completely logical and normal to do that.

But the kicker is that all this overindulgence comes with a price, and it’s to our waistlines and ultimately our health. With so many of us being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes we really can’t afford to allow ourselves to simply get fatter and more immobile.

We have to take action to turn that around, and if you are someone
who has tried every diet out there, it might seem rather daunting
and impossible to do that.

So, to make life about as easy as it could be, I have put together an online weight loss programme. From Struggling to Slim programme is self paced, so you can do it as fast or slow as you like, and each video is quite short so that you can fit it into your busy day.  It contains hypnotic audio recordings so that you literally can re-code your mind to stop the cravings and kick- start you to create healthy habits.

RTT is a proven method for weight loss, it’s not a miracle cure, but it can feel a bit like one, as the audio recordings disappear your cravings and kick start you to create healthy habits.  When you start taking actions that benefit your body, you’ll have more energy, the motivation to move and exercise and the choices that you need to make to have the most fantastic body will be easy to make. You just need to start.

I have also put in my best hacks and tips for you to create the healthy body that you will love.

Who does it work for?

If you have tried all manner of diets and nothing ever works, it’s very likely that you have an unconscious block which is in the way for you succeeding.  You may already know that you are an emotional eater, but knowing it isn’t enough to stop you doing it, as the driving urges are so strong.  My From Struggling to Slim course has everything you need to put you on the right track, and, as with everything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out. So if you listen to the audio recordings every day, this will have a stronger effect on your mind as you literally retrain your mind to give you the body that you have always wanted. 

If you are a secret eater, comfort eater, or you’re eating beyond being full. If you’re always attracted to the cakes, biscuits and ice-cream and you feel like food controls you, rather than you controlling it, this is a great programme for you to get your mind in line so that you start making the choices that actually benefit you.  You’ll find yourself reaching for the healthy choices, and wanting to choose those foods which really help your body rather than the ones which are damaging and poisoning your body. 

What is it not?

It’s not a diet!! 100% not a diet.  It’s not a shake or a supplement. It’s not a fad. I really really hate diets and the whole cynical diet industry which KNOWS that diets don’t work, but continually pedals that rubbish out to everyone. This is something else entirely. It’s all brain training and hypnotic suggestions to teach your brain to do the right thing for your own body. 

I leave it to others to advise you on your particular body nutritional needs, because we are all different and we have different needs.  The latest research shows us that two people can eat the same food and one will get fatter from it than the other. Why? Because we have different gut bacteria.  I strongly encourage you to take advice on this from a nutritionist and I can recommend brilliant ones if you would like me to, please reach out. 

What I do is give your mind the tools it needs to move away from emotional eating and eating feelings and re-programme it to make healthy choices instead. 


My 3 Top Tips

? Don’t shop when you’re hungry

? Chew slowly. Most of us wolf food down, but by chewing properly you allow time for your mind to process what you are eating and to get the signals that you are full.

? Use a smaller plate to eat from, and put lots of variety of different things on it. This tricks your mind into thinking it’s eaten more and you will feel full sooner.

 More tips and hacks are within the programme.

What you receive?

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