From time to time we all lose motivation and focus. It’s easy to be distracted, to get busy with the day to day stuff, the urgent stuff, particularly when you are the one who is looking after others, and having to prioritise their needs.  Being a parent can mean being the one who has to make sure there is food in the fridge and the sports kit is washed, and increasingly many of us are also caring for our elderly relatives too.

Throw a full time job in and some pets to look after, and there is often no time left in the day for what you said you would do.  We get exhausted, busy, and stressed.  Then we get ill too to top it off.  No wonder it can be easy for our own plans and goals to get lost along the way. Now’s the time for getting clear on your WHY.

Sadly this is one of the causes of stress and low mood, that feeling that despite your best intentions, you are not able to follow your own destiny and do the things that light you up.  When you feel like your space for creativity is gone, and you can’t even remember what you like doing, you’re so busy enabling others to live their lives. 

Or maybe, you think it’s pointless anyway, because there just seem to be be so many obstacles in the way of your success. If this resonates with you, have a look at Simon Sinek’s – Find your whywhich is full of amazing insights which can help you find your life purpose and re-ignite the creativity in you.  He explains why you need a why and a reason to do things.  

Sometimes we feel lost and like life has no purpose or meaning for us, or we feel like we have ground to a halt, with no direction. Or that there are so many directions that we could go in, that we actually feel overwhelmed with the choices,
and end up doing none of them.

It can be a fear of getting things wrong, or a fear of being negatively judged. After all, new things can be scary.  It’s easier to keep on doing the same old things, which are more comfortable. 

I have been thinking a lot recently about the idea of there being nowhere to get to.  I discovered the awesome Rupert Spira and his conversations on the source of happiness, which are super interesting.  I often describe life as a journey, but it has led me to question this, because the nature of a journey is that there is somewhere to get to, and when we get there we will be happy/successful/rich/ whatever. I have always found this a helpful analogy because then I can be on my journey and taking steps to get to my goals.

But what if there was nowhere to get to and we are already there.  The idea is that we are the embodiment of happiness, once we strip away all the thoughts, feelings and random accumulated beliefs that we have acquired over our lifetimes.   It’s the awakened consciousness that Eckhart Tolle talks about, and we can access it through being present in the moment. 

I can work with you to discover what’s holding you back, to transform your restricting beliefs, helping you move forward with your true life purpose.

If that sounds a bit far out for you, perhaps just try this..

1. For one minute, just stop. Do nothing. Just breathe and notice what is around you. When you get random thoughts, don’t react to them, just notice them.

2. Go for a walk outside, without headphones on, and listen to nature around that you wouldn’t have spotted if you were listening to something.

3. Write in a journal 3 things that you LOVE doing, that you’re not currently giving yourself time to do.

4. Then write 3 things that you have ALWAYS wanted to do, but never thought that you could. 

5. In your diary, find a space to do one thing that you love and one that you always wanted to do.  Book it, do it, take the action. 

If you are waiting for a sign that you should do it, this is that sign.

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