I heard a great phrase recently, ‘Anxiety is Energy’.  It means that while you are feeling the feeling of being anxious, the energy which is anxiety is stuck in your body somewhere.  You can move this energy round , and ultimately out of your body by moving your body.  

Instinctively this feels right doesn’t it?  If you imagine feeling anxious, the physical sensations can be a tightness in your chest, shallow breathing, body shaking, or twitching legs, raised heartbeat, sweating. 

We are designed as human beings to be able to respond quickly and physically to fear, and the physical sensations tell our mind that there is something to be afraid of and that we need to take some steps to do something about that.  Either to move away from the danger, or to take some other avoiding action. It’s totally rational and happens so quickly in our minds that we aren’t always aware of what is happening.

Our subconscious mind takes over and we find ourselves doing things we are barely aware of.

But we can misread the signals, sometimes we over-react to a fear sensation, we swerve away so strongly that we end up somewhere we don’t want to be.  Such as when you leave a promising relationship because something feels wrong about it, and end up wondering if you did the right thing, or leave a party that you’re uncomfortable at, and later regret it when you’re sitting at home, alone. 

While our mind-body connection is so strong, it doesn’t mean that we are very good at understanding ourselves, or being reflective about the reality of the fears we feel. Sometimes those same physical sensations are just sensations and you can release them from your body as energy flowing through.  This is why mindfulness and meditation is so highly rated.  They are methods to train your mind to recognise that a feeling and a sensation in your body doesn’t necessarily mean what you initially think it means and you don’t necessarily need to react to it.  

If you remember the phrase, Anxiety is Energy, when you feel those feelings, you know that you are able to move the energy, by moving your body.  Stand up and shake about, or dance, or run, or even skip.  And then notice how you are feeling, the energy has moved and the anxiety is gone, replaced with feelings of joy and happiness.  Going for even a short walk will do the job for you. 

If you are experiencing anxiety which doesn’t go away, or comes back more often than you would like, and it’s affecting your day to day life, RTT can make a real and sustained difference in your life. Book in for a discovery call today, or book an online 1-2-1 Zoom session with Tammy. 

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