I am convinced that diets don’t work and we have been sold a lie. What really drives us to overeat are feelings and diets don’t stop these feelings.

My aim with this course is to bring the power and magic of Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy to have participants go from hating their bodies to loving them in just 7 days. When you love your body, you feel sexy and sassy and you want to treat it well with the right food and movement to feel good. The pounds drop off easily and you never need to be hungry when you make the right food choices for your body.

I’m a former lawyer turned Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy Therapist and I’m having stunning results with this method of hypnosis and mindset focus approach to weight reduction with my clients.

My life as a busy mum of teenagers means I have no time or inclination to deprive myself or others of a life rich in amazing food and drink.

I discovered the importance of this during my health journey as a breast cancer survivor taught me that the choices we make each day really matter to our own health and wellness.

With my ethos being that life is for enjoying ourselves, I am committed to creating confidence, through a journey to shapely, healthy, amazing bodies.

If you’re feeling frustrated, tried many different diets that haven’t worked, and you’re serious about transforming your life, then this is the plan for you

from struggling to slim weight loss programme

From Struggling to Slim –

NEW Weight Loss Programme

Ideal for those who hate ‘diets’ and are ready to embark on a new weight loss journey. From as little as 7 days, I can change your attitude, reduce your cravings and empower a slimmer healthier you.

  • FREE Holistic Body Journal © – worth £25
  • SIX short video sessions to guide and encourage you
  • THREE hypnosis audios for weight loss.
  • Weekly email support.
  • 30 days access to your programme portal.
  • Lifetime access to my private support group.
  • Free 1-1 with Nutritionist and Personal Trainers
  • Exclusive offers for further weight loss support.
Stop Struggling and Start Slimming today.

Free 20 minute Deep Relaxation Audio

For anyone who needs to feel calmer and more relaxed during the day or to assist in
relaxation before you go to sleep.